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At TGF we understand that effective leadership and governance go hand in hand.  Our services and products have been designed to support leadership development and promote better governance.

We take a ‘hands on’ practical approach to problem solving and will become part of your team to effect change.  The benefit to you is that we do more than just diagnose the problem.  You can be confident that we will take practical steps to implement the solution.

Effective leadership is a strategic vehicle which can make a real impact in an increasingly competitive environment.  Our leadership training and development programmes, governance reviews, leaders’ forums, board away days and support products are tailored to bring the best out of your leadership.

Better governance is more than just compliance. Good governance gives added value which leads to better performance. We will work with you to ensure that your leadership is able to skillfully execute the business plan within an effective governance structure. Our core governance support package, the GAP system, has been developed to ensure an organisation can achieve the highest of governance standards.

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Who do we help?

We specialise in delivering governance solutions to organisations within the voluntary and community sectors. We work with non-executive boards and trustees to develop more effective governance structures.

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The Governance Assessment Process

The Governance Assessment Process, (GAP) is a cross-sector standard for monitoring the governance of third sector organisations validated by the governance forum. The process is regularly reviewed by the Council of the governance forum to ensure that it meets the requirements for compliance with relevant legislation, and they endorse the process. The GAP review and diagnostic assessment is suitable for all public and third sector organisations.

GAP AwardThe process starts with a review and comprehensive diagnostic assessment of an organisation’s governance arrangements, focusing on the areas of the board’s resources, competency and execution. It also involves a high-level audit to determine whether essential documents exist and have been externally verified. A Governance Development Plan is then created which provides a list of priorities for action to ensure the continuous development and maintenance of the governance function. Following this stage, organisations are required to make a pledge to developing the board and associated governance systems.

At the completion of the process, a validated certificate is awarded to participating organisations with the opportunity to benefit from independent advice. During the GAP, the organisation would have been supported in carrying out a self-assessment of their current level of governance compliance. A full external governance audit can be carried out at a later date, if required, to provide evidence of compliance to a funder, regulator or other third party.

GAP Diagnostic

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The Governance Forum CGFirst

CGFirst is a leading online governance board resource. This product has the ability to seamlessly house all your organisations administration essentials, file all relevant board papers and provide you with breaking news from the sector.

Through CGFirst we can offer governance health checks, highlight key skills, strengths, and gaps. Dovetailed with our personal consultancy service, we have the tools needed to place our clients on the right track. The system has a unique umbrella branding feature complemented by, an easy to use content management system. What’s more, once you pass optimum security fascia, all clients will have the ability to integrate their organisations livery with CGFirst.

CG First


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